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How to choose true wireless earphones in 2023? It’s enough to read this

In the short period of time after the release of AirPods in 2016, true wireless headphones were pushed to the forefront. With its unparalleled portability, true wireless earphones occupy the top of the earphone sales list all year round, making many HiFi earphones drool with envy. In recent years, more and more audio manufacturers or mobile phone manufacturers have begun to launch true wireless products. Even traditional wired headphones are extremely marginalized. By 2022, if you see friends who are still using wired headphones in the subway or on the street, you will even feel that they are from the last century. Of course, this is just a joke. What I want to explain is that in this era, true wireless headphones have almost become a standard product in people’s work, life and study.

First-generation Apple AirPods

But in 2022, can you believe it? Now in the comment areas of major knowledge websites or technology websites, you can still see many people asking how to choose a true wireless headset? What kind of true wireless earphones can I choose? In fact, when purchasing true wireless headphones, you can buy a good true wireless product by mainly considering the following three points.

wearing comfort

There is no need to think about the wearing comfort of earphones. It must be the first factor to consider when purchasing true wireless earphones. If a earphone is uncomfortable to wear, then no matter how good the sound quality is, you don’t want to use it. Wearing comfort is important, but there is no good standard to measure what is called wearing comfort, and it is impossible to see how comfortable a headset is from the e-commerce details page. If you are a careful person, you may notice that major manufacturers will write on the e-commerce details pages of their true wireless products: Our earphones are designed with ergonomics and are aimed at XXX (quantity unit) people. The ear canal has been optimized and so on. From these propaganda words with a similarity of 99.99%, it is impossible to accurately judge whether a true wireless headset can be classified as comfortable to wear.

Therefore, the only suggestion I can give about wearing comfort is that when purchasing true wireless earphones, try to choose lighter ones and earphone cavity that don’t look so big or the part that fits into the ear is smaller, light in weight High-quality earphones will not feel pressure on the ears when worn for a long time, and those with a smaller cavity will not feel swollen when worn. Of course, if you want the best wearing experience, you need semi-in-ear headphones, but semi-in-ear does not support noise reduction. Finally, I will teach you an ultimate method: buy it on JD.com, don’t connect your phone when the headset arrives, and feel it while wearing it.


Metaphysics – sound quality

Many people say that sound quality is a metaphysics, and I think so too. I may think that the same earphone is more suitable for my taste, and it sounds good. Others may think that the sound quality of this earphone is not good. In fact, the reason why the sound quality is called metaphysics is mainly because there is no standard for measuring it. Some people may just like this tuning style, and some people don’t like it. If you consider the sound quality of true wireless earphones and only look at the unit, usually the sound quality of the large-sized dynamic unit is better than that of the small-sized one, and the sound quality of the ring iron is slightly better than that of the pure dynamic unit. Of course, this is not absolute, and it depends on the manufacturer’s training. It’s like a Toyota Corolla that uses the TNGA architecture, a standard grocery shopping car or a special vehicle for online car-hailing, but it’s not like a grocery shopping car, but an A-class car that can reach B-class by Toyota’s engineers. The texture of the chassis of the car. Or you can see that some domestic cars also have very complicated multi-link suspensions, but with the reverse tuning of engineers, they are nothing. Therefore, the hardware configuration of sound quality is important, but the manufacturer’s tuning can keep up.

If you really don’t know how to judge the sound quality of the headset, you may look at the audio transmission protocol supported by a certain true wireless headset. Normally, LDAC>aptX>AAC>SBC. Maybe you can pay attention to headphones that support LDAC encoding. This encoding can at least guarantee certain audio transmission.

Active Noise Cancellation

With the technological advancement of true wireless earphones, more and more products now support active noise reduction. Active noise-cancelling earphones can protect hearing from noise damage to a certain extent during daily use. When buying true wireless headphones, be sure to choose one with active noise reduction. Many merchants like to introduce some data when promoting the active noise reduction technology of their headphones, for example: the noise reduction depth can reach 42dB, or directly write -42dB. The larger the number in front of dB, the better, and the larger the number represents this The better the noise reduction effect of the product.

The higher the noise reduction depth, the better the noise reduction effect of the headphones will be. However, it should be noted that the deeper the noise reduction depth, the more obvious the ear pressure may be, and you will feel dizzy after wearing it for a long time. Therefore, when choosing active noise reduction true wireless headphones, you need to choose according to your actual situation. Therefore, under normal circumstances, I personally recommend buying true wireless noise-cancelling headphones with a noise reduction depth of 35dB.

Seeing this, I believe you should have a preliminary understanding of how to choose true wireless headphones. Simply put, start with wearing comfort, and then consider sound quality. Of course, active noise reduction should not be forgotten. After such a set of operations, in most cases, you can choose a true wireless product that suits you. Then according to the standard routine above, we will find some products that are worth (wǒ)de (yào) recommended (qiā) recommended (fàn).

1MORE PistonBuds Pro Piston Buds Noise Reduction Edition

Piston Bean Noise Canceling Edition is a brand new true wireless earphone that supports active noise reduction and has just been launched by 1MORE recently. This earphone is the latest product of 1MORE’s very classic piston family. This earphone is only 4.5g for a single earphone, so you don’t have to worry about wearing comfort. What I like most about this headset is its noise reduction performance. The official claims that the noise reduction depth of this headset is 38dB. After the actual experience, I can really feel that the noise reduction performance of this headset is not ordinary, it is really excellent. In terms of sound quality, this headset uses a 10mm large-diameter dynamic unit and supports AAC encoding. The sound quality is also at the level that should be in this price segment.


Edifier NeoBuds Pro

The most surprising thing about Edifier NeoBuds Pro is its sound quality performance, and it is also the world’s first true wireless headset that has been certified by the “Hi-Res” small gold standard, and this headset also supports LHDC lossless audio coding format , With the blessing of these two items, the sound quality of this headset is remarkable. And this true wireless headset also supports low latency, the sound transmission delay is only 80ms, making it easy to play mobile games.

Of course, if you don’t like these two brands, you can follow the brand of your mobile phone to buy true wireless headphones, for example: Apple buys AirPods Pro; Xiaomi buys Xiaomi Noise Canceling Headphones 3 Pro; Samsung buys Galaxy Buds Pro… and now domestic True wireless earphones are also getting better and better. When purchasing true wireless earphones, there is no need to stare at foreign brands. Seeing this, you should know how to buy true wireless headphones, right?

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