F9 Wireless Headphone Bluetooth Earphones Waterproof Earpieces Sport Earbuds For Huawei Iphone Xiaomi TWS Music Headset

How to pair headphones:
1. Put the headset back into the charging box, delete the headset connection record in the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and then turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone.
2. Take the headset out of the charging box.
3. Wait for about 5 seconds (you will be prompted to find a slave, and there will be a prompt for left and right channels if the pairing is successful).
4. After successful pairing, the red and blue lights of the left headset flash each other, and the right headset does not flash. At this time, you can turn on the Bluetooth connection of the mobile phone.
PS: if it is not successful, please repeat 1-4 operations and try several more times. As long as the connection is successful, it will be automatically connected every time in the future. Don’t worry.

Packing list:

1: Bluetooth headset*2

2: Charging bin*1

3: Data line*1

4: English manual*1

5: Ear risk*4

6: Color box*1