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1.Active noise cancellation mode
Built-in active noise cancellation mode can eliminate about 95% of the ambient noise , isolating external interference and creating a quiet environment.

2.Ambient sound mode
In ambient sound mode, ambient sound can be louder, allowing you to sense the surroundings without taking off earphones.

3.Wireless V5.2 technology
The latest Wireless V5.2 technology, plus dual primary earphones provide more stable connection, getting rid of stutter, disconnection and low latency.

4.LDS antenna
A large area LDS antenna guarantees wider and stronger signals and Wireless transmission distance is up to 15 meters for stable signals like wired earphones.

high-quality decoding
Reduce sound loss and restore the original sound.



Bluetooth 5.2 Headphones 9D Stereo Sports Waterproof Headphones with Mic Gaming Hi-Fi Headphones ANC/ENC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Six Features

Active noise cancellation | Ambient sound mode | Low Latency AV Synchronization | Hi-Fi Immersive audio | 24h of battery life |ENC during calls